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SoKM Student Expectations

To graduate from the first years of School of Kingdom Ministry, you must complete the following requirements:

  1. Attendance: Attend at least 23 out of the 26 class sessions and practice activities.

  2. Reading: Read the School of Kingdom Ministry: Student Manual according to the schedule provided in your school materials.

  3. School Fees: Pay the first half of the school fees by September 16, 2021 and the second half by January 16, 2022, unless another arrangement is organized with your location leader.


  1. Organized Outreach: Participate in at least one organized outreach outside of class time during the course of the school term.

  2. Organized Training: Participate in at least one activity focused on training others to do kingdom ministry during the course of the school term (this requirement is excused if you are already leading a small group or some other ministry).


  1. Semester Break Assignment: Complete the homework assignment given between semesters and turn it in at the beginning of the spring semester.


  1. Church Participation: Regularly attend and participate in your church home throughout the school term. Participate in ministry prayer teams during the end of the weekend services and during your small group if you attend one (given you have them at your home church)

When you’ve participated in an outreach or training event, fill out and turn in the provided form to communicate to us that you’ve completed that requirement.

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