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When I thought I lost me...You knew where I left me...You reintroduced me…

Found out that I am NIGERIAN!

This Sunday I was informed that I have enough Nigerian DNA to actually be NIGERIAN! I cannot begin to express to you the joy I felt. I have seen other people who found out their heritage become very emotional with an outburst of tears filled with joy. I thought…that’s great for them but I can not see myself doing something like that. I would be glad to know my heritage…sure... but tears…nah. Welllll I tell you that when I found out, I was an emotional wreck. I still am. Sooooo much JOY!! My Nigerian friends and I cried and rejoiced together. I could exhale. I was finally with my people and knew it. It was AMAZING!!

I did not even realize that there was a spot in me that was empty until it was filled. I am so grateful to God that I know who I am in Him (Papa God) and now know who I am in this foreign land (earth) that I am visiting until His return for me.


QUESTION: Do you know who you are in God? Have you found your home in Him? Is there an empty place in you? You see, had I not had God, Father of God Jesus before this I would not only have that emptiness but a huge valley of emptiness...walking around like a dead person. God's presence was so huge in me that I did not feel the other emptiness until He showed it to me. (I just love Him.) So yeah...

ANSWER: If this is you, ask God to fill your empty spot. Receive His son Jesus (Say, "Jesus I believe in you...and just believe for real) and He will accept you and give you Holy Spirit to hang out with forever until He comes for you to go home. that happened on Sunday, June 5, 2023...btw 5 is my favorite number.

(Guess what! I was asked to go to Nigeria to be welcomed by my family...I'm going!)

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